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making a choice (dance)

Working with Anadi Alek on the Diane Tarkhan CD, I think that it's not a sha'abi song - it's a pop saidi song. The more I listen to it, the more it calls out for cane. That may be why I was having trouble choreographing it without cane - it may need a cane.
The thing is that I don't want to do cane in front of bunch of dancers who are probably far better with the cane.
The question is - should I switch songs - and use my other choice - which is Tabel El Mony from the Suzi El Helwa album (Yousry Sharif). It's more of a baladi song (not a progression but with aspects of one). I'm more comfortable with baladi.
But then working on cane, could be a nice challenge for me.
And I do have four cane instructionals now (Hadia, Virginia, Nourhan, and now Mohammed Shahin).