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Notice of Auditions for Raks Nativity

Notice of Auditions
Auditions for Raks Nativity
September 11th 2:30-5:30pm
Third Life Studio, Union Square

Auditions for Raks Nativity are scheduled for September 11th at Third Life Studio in Union Square, Somerville. We are casting for a wide variety of roles for both men and women.. Some roles are mainly character roles while others are mainly dancing. There is only one speaking role - narrator. Performers will not be paid as the events proceeds will be donated to our charity, Cradles to Crayons.

Performers auditioning for a dance role will be taught short combinations - Please come prepared to dance. There is no need to bring a prepared piece. If you are auditioning for a dance role. If auditioning as narrator, we will provide a script to read in lieu of dance. People auditioning for character roles will rehearse a short scene and may be asked to do some character development exercises.

Categories of Roles and Schedule:
Village Entertainer (bring your talent - snake charming, juggling, contortionist, balancing acts - may be a dance role but need not be - imagine you are a street performer in ancient Bethlehem). Contact Nepenthe in advance if you’re interested. 2:30 - 3pm
Dance roles (but all have an acting component - please stay for character roles) 3-5
Character roles (non-speaking / non-dancing) 3-5
Narrator 5-5:30

Bring a copy of the form included at the end of this note.

Applicants must be available on occasional Mondays or Thursdays for rehearsals in the evenings, and be willing to practice/rehearse on their own or in small groups. All performers must be available on the evening of December 3rd for a tech/dress rehearsal, as well as all day on December 4th for the performance itself. All rehearsals will be held in the Boston Metro area and accessible by bus/train, except for the show itself, which is in Chelmsford MA.

Directions to Third Life Studio in Union Square:
Leave extra time if driving to find parking. Union Square is an easy bus ride from:
Central (91), Harvard (86), Porter (87), Davis (87), Sullivan (86, 90, 91), Lechmere (87, 88), Arlington Center (87), Cleveland Circle (86), Wellington (90)

If you have any questions, please contact Nepenthe@bellydancernepenthe.com.

Audition Form

Stage Name:

Phone #:

Email Address:


Brief Summary of Dance Experience (# of Yrs Dancing, Styles, Teachers, Previous shows):

Types of Roles Especially Interested in:

Types of Roles NOT Interested in:

Availability and Schedule Limitations (Evenings and Weekends that are best, as well as when you can’t rehearse):



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